By Mike Kruzman /

A Marion Township storage facility is one step closer to expansion following preliminary site plan approval from the Board of Trustees.

Applicant Jim Abraham of Howell Storage was before the Board, Thursday night, seeking an amendment that would allow the construction of additional storage units the mini-storage facility located at 1650 Pinckney Road. Currently there are 15 units on the site, with Abraham seeking to add 3 more. One issue at question was the surface material that the future portable storage units would be on.

Abraham explained the rationale for a gravel surface, comparing it to a preformed concrete foundation for the four walls, set down on a 21AA base. He said its very similar to that, except the load in these units isn’t anywhere near the load from a house would be.

Planners notes for the project recommended an asphalt surface, but Abraham requested leaving it gravel to help with drainage issues and perhaps easier expansion in the future. As for drainage, it is still to be determined if they will need additional retention pond space, or if they can divert water to a lake at the front of the property where there is thought to be enough space.

The Board of Trustees approved the preliminary site plan unanimously.