Nik Rajkovic /

One week after Trinity Health Michigan announced it was selling its legacy hospital in Howell to Catholic Healthcare International, we're learning more about what the facility may become.

"CHI, once this hospital is established, they are going to home the Terri Schiavo home for the brain injured. That will be dedicated in my sister's memory. That will serve people with brain injuries, rehabilitation and all the services yet to be determined," said Bobby Schindler, president of the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network, named after his sister, who sparked a decade-long national debate over right to life in the 90s.

"CHI now owns the hospital in Howell, Michigan, which is about 45 minutes west of Detroit, very close to Ann Arbor," Schindler said on Facebook. "CHI is anticipating a 2026 grand opening. We're going to have to start obviously raising funds to operate this hospital and the Terri Schiavo rehab center."

While Schindler mentioned Howell by name, neither Catholic Healthcare International nor Trinity Health have confirmed those plans.