An increased knowledge of finances is the hopeful result of a partnership between a local school district and a credit union.

Howell High School seniors recently took part in a Financial Reality Fair, which emphasized budgeting, planning and saving. It was presented through a partnership between Howell Public Schools and LOC Federal Credit Union. Participating students selected a career that they are interested in pursuing after high school. They then received a budget worksheet with the gross monthly salary, their monthly tax breakdown, and their net monthly salary for the career they selected. Once the students knew their income, they visited various stations where they made lifestyle choices. These included buying a vehicle, selecting housing, picking a cell phone plan and buying clothing.

The goal was for the students to pay off their monthly expenses while being able to set aside savings and staying within a budget. This was the third Financial Reality Fair LOC Federal Credit Union has held at Howell High School and the first that all seniors participated in. The credit union has also held reality fairs at both Howell middle schools. (JK)