Howell High School’s Senior Survivor raised a record breaking amount this year to support two charities.

Following a busy week of fundraising, competitions and 14 students living in their school, Howell High School’s Senior Survivor fundraiser has raised $88,127. Katelin Bensman was named the winner of Senior Survivor for outraising all of the other survivors. The money raised will be split between two non-profit organizations, the Friedreich's Ataxia Research Alliance (FARA) and LACASA. FARA is special to the senior class as one of their classmates is affected by the rare disease which causes nervous system damage and movement problems.

Senior Survivor began last Sunday when 14 Howell High School seniors moved into their school with the goal of remaining in the competition until Friday. Students collected donations during the day and competed in immunity and reward challenges at night. Some included a food challenge involving eating snails, completing an obstacle course, driving a police car through a training course and a lip sync battle. At the end of each school day, the two Senior Survivor contestants who raised the least amount of money that day were eliminated.

There was also a new aspect to the fundraiser this year in which senior survivors were supported by junior survivors. The junior survivors were 5th grade students who collected donations on behalf of the Senior Survivors. The 5th grade students raised more than $5,600 towards this year’s total. Additionally, several schools around the district held various fundraisers to donate to Senior Survivor. Since it began 11 years ago, Howell High School’s Senior Survivor has raised more than $350,000 for various charities.

Howell High School Principal Jason Schrock said each year Senior Survivor brings the school, district, and community together as one. He says it’s incredible that high school students can raise more than $88,000 in just one week and he is always amazed at the generosity shown by students and the community during Senior Survivor. (JM)