By Jessica Mathews/

Following an action-filled week of collecting donations, reward and immunity challenges, and 16 calling Howell High School home, the school's annual Senior Survivor fundraiser came to a close Friday.

During the week-long fundraiser, the students raised an incredible $220,427.74. The money raised will help build the Senior Survivor Playground at Genoa Township Park, which will be an inclusive playground that allows people of all abilities to play together. In addition, the playground will consist of natural elements and textures such as logs, stumps, ropes, boulders, and plants. Natural playgrounds are said to present opportunities for individual exploration and discovery as well as collaborative play. A press release states that while playing at Senior Survivor Playground, children will develop physical, imagination, and problem-solving skills through self-directed play.

The winner of this year's Senior Survivor was Morgan Pasini. Now in its 14 year, Senior Survivor has raised more than $760,574 for various charities.

Senior Survivor began Sunday, April 25th when 16 Howell High School seniors moved into the school with the goal of remaining in the competition until Friday. The students collected donations during the day and competed in immunity and reward challenges at night. This year's challenges were adjusted to follow COVID-19 mitigation and safety protocols. The challenges included a cake baking and decorating contest based on the show "Nailed It," a puzzle scavenger hunt, and a trivia challenge.

Howell High School Principal Jason Schrock said with “the funds raised this week, they’ll be able to make Senior Survivor Playground a reality. This inclusive playground will benefit our entire community and be a welcome addition to Genoa Park. I am so proud of our students for their dedication to helping others”.

This year's Howell High School Senior Survivors were Gage Altrock (Team G-Force), Felicia Berendt (Team Bye Felicia), Nicole Caudy (Team Caudy B), Jackson Dukes (John Dukes Field), Lucas Gonzalez (Team Speedy G), Oliva Gray (Team Olive Garden), Alyssa Johnson (Team Magic Johnson), David Johnston (Team Davy Jones), Julia Jolly (Team Jujo), Ryan Lane (Team Lane Train), Danny Maura (Team Maurauder), Zach Metz (Team Metzy Baby), Taylor Newstead (Team T-Pain), Morgan Pasini (Team Mo-Money), Alaina Shcrock (Team Schrock N' Roll), and Molly Tucker (Team Jolly Molly).

Each Senior Survivor was supported by a fifth-grade Junior Survivor from the district's elementary schools. The Junior Survivors supported their senior partners by leading a coin drive in their schools. The Junior Survivors raised more than $5,782 to support the fundraising efforts of the seniors. Howell’s two middle schools also contributed more than $1,000 to this year’s Senior Survivor.