Support from a local library will help provide Howell students with new and additional resources.

Through a collaboration, Howell High School students will now have access to the Howell Carnegie District Library’s digital subscriptions and resources. Students can gain access to the library’s resources using their student ID number as a virtual library card. Howell Public Schools executive director of instructional services, Elson Liu, calls this a wonderful opportunity for the kids. Liu said that with the roll-out of their 1-to1 Chromebook program, this will help give students access to high quality online resources that would otherwise be cost prohibitive for the school to purchase.

Howell Carnegie District Library director Holly Lamb Ward said that while these resources are available to anyone who has a library card, students without one will now gain that access. Ward said that in her mind it didn’t make sense for both the library and the school to subscribe to the same resources when the library can make them available to the students at no cost.

More information on this collaboration will be available to students and parents soon. (MK)