Some problematic walnut trees posing hazards will be coming down in the City of Howell.

The Howell City Council met recently and authorized staff to proceed with a request to remove three very large black walnut trees located at 732 Washington Street and continue posting the trees to see if anyone is interested in the wood for the cost of removal. The trees are said to be very healthy and mature, thus they produce very large and abundant walnuts. Staff noted the walnuts are of such a large size and weight that damage to cars and other property is probable and the resident inquired about possible removal but also requested to take part in the City’s tree planting program. The City has had similar concerns that resulted in removal due to the nuisance and hazard they create. Current policies and ordinances also restrict the planting of fruit and nut bearing trees within city easements.

Interim City Manager Erv Suida says there are three walnut trees on West Washington that are pretty mature trees and close to 80 feet in height. He says they have a significant amount of walnuts that are falling this year and from that height and size, the walnuts can be a hazard and cause damage to cars. Suida says council authorized staff to proceed with removing them so they’ll do that but in the process they’ll see if there is anybody interested in the wood to hopefully cover the cost of removals.

If someone can’t be located who is interested in the wood, then the City can take the trees down and store the main leader at the DPW while staff continues to look for a buyer. It was noted during the meeting that there have been issues in various areas and there are quite a few scattered throughout the city that are posing problems for homeowners. Some have already been removed on North and Parks Streets so numbers are said to be dwindling. (JM)