Development of a Genoa Township park will be funded partially by local governmental units, including the City of Howell.

On Monday, Howell City Council unanimously approved a resolution entering into an agreement that calls for a $2,000 contribution to the development of Fillmore County Park. The matching assistance funds will be used in conjunction with a federal Land and Water Conservation grant. The grant will fund half of the estimated $172,000 project. In addition to the City of Howell and the county’s contributions, Marion and Genoa Township each committed up to $3,000 in match assistance.

Located at Euler and McClements Roads in Genoa Township, Fillmore County Park is 198 acres of open space that is being developed in phases. In a recent memo to Howell City Council, Planning Director Kathleen Kline-Hudson stated significant progress has been made on Phase I, which includes a multi-use athletic field, 5k natural surfaced trail and a half-mile hiking trail.

Park plans and specifications are currently being reviewed by the Department of Natural Resources. The project is expected to go out to bid this spring, with construction to follow in the summer. (DK)