The DDA and Howell Main Street Inc. recently kicked off future downtown development technical assistance, which is fully funded and provided by the National Main Street Center and Michigan Main Street Center.

DDA Director Cathleen Edgerly says a consultant has already met with one of the city’s project teams to talk about the downtown region’s current market demographics, existing business mix and properties. A survey was then created and will be disbursed to the community in hopes of getting feedback on what residents would like to see downtown in the future. Edgerly says that could include specific types of businesses, restaurants, shopping locations, attractions or activities that residents are interested in.

While Howell Main Street was the winner of the 2018 Great American Main Street Award, Edgerly says there is always more that can be done, adding they need to maintain what the area currently has and still plan for what's to come. Edgerly says the survey will get a feeling for what projects and concepts residents would like to see, which helps guide the city, DDA and Main Street Inc. in leading conversations when approached by different businesses and developers.

The DDA and Main Street Inc. plans to roll out the community survey at Saturday’s Food Truck Rally, but will be launched on a broader scale on Monday, October 1st. Edgerly says downtown’s future growth and development really relies on advanced planning, and encourages residents to take the survey to aid in that process. (DK)