By Jessica Mathews /

An ordinance is being updated to clarify registration requirements and landlord requirements for residential rental properties in the City of Howell.

The City’s Residential Properties Ordinance has been in effect for a number of years now. It was amended in 2020 to require that residential rental units be re-inspected every two years, along with some other minor changes. At a recent meeting, City Council introduced Ordinance 946, which amends some chapter language.

A memo from Community Development Director Nick Tafelsky stated the ordinance language as written is confusing and wordy, thus the proposed changes help make the language more user-friendly and clarifies that registrations are being issued – not licenses. Tafelsky worked with the City attorney, planners and City Manager Erv Suida on the changes.

Tafelsky’s memo noted that in the grand scheme of things, the changes proposed are minor in scope. He said the hope is that the revised language will help landlords better understand the process as well as their responsibilities in maintaining up-to-date registration.

The changes being proposed are said to put the City in a better position to ensure that the integrity and safety of rental properties are protected.