City Council is weighing potential adjustments to the rental rates for pavilions at Howell City Park.

The City contracts with the Howell Area Parks & Recreation Authority to oversee scheduling and collection fees. In reviewing various city fees, staff learned that pavilion rental rates had not been increased since December 2015. At the last Council meeting, members held some discussion about maintaining or possibly raising rates but came to no solid conclusion. Some questioned the maintenance and cleaning costs associated with the large and small pavilion rentals. When pavilion rental rates were last increased in 2015 it was by $10-$15 per session, depending on the facility. It has since been calculated that the cost to maintain the pavilions annually is around $8,219 on average. The cost includes cleaning the pavilions and emptying the trash, and takes one-half to one hour per pavilion. The cost does not include any routine bathroom cleaning, beach raking, maintenance of grills or other park property.

Council will meet at 7pm on Monday night in chambers located in the basement of Howell City Hall. Council is expected to review is a compilation of the rental charges of surrounding municipalities and different scenarios to help determine how costs compare. (JM)