By Jessica Mathews /

A purchase agreement is being finalized for a vacant property in the City of Howell.

At a recent meeting, City Council approved an amended agreement for the vacant property at 324 West Street and authorized the City Manager to execute the related documents.

Council approved the initial sale back in October and entered into a purchase agreement but the involved parties changed plans slightly. Documents show a cash sale of $37,160.

City Manager Erv Suida told WHMI the City marketed the empty lot on West Street by the railroad tracks and had an offer, which changed a bit. It was contingent upon a lot split but that’s no longer part of the agreement and Suida said the vacant lot will be a residential building.

The City has been working over the years to sell vacant properties and other parcels. Suida said this latest agreement will take the West Street lot off the City’s maintenance and back onto the tax rolls, which is a good thing.

The City is expected to close this week on the deal.