The deadline for interested residents to apply for a Howell City Council vacancy is approaching this Friday.

The City of Howell is seeking qualified applicants for to fill a term expiring November 2021. The vacancy resulted from the resignation of member Andrew Yost, who is facing criminal charges related to an incident involving a family member. Yost pleaded guilty to one reduced count of attempted interference with electronic communications, a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail and domestic violence, a 93 day misdemeanor. He’ll be sentenced October 2nd.

The resignation was accepted at a recent meeting of Council and interested candidates are being sought. Pursuant to city charter, that started a 30-day period to accept applications, which are available on the city website. The application is also attached. Council will hold interviews at the October 8th meeting and are expected to make an appointment at that time. Applicants must be a city resident and registered voter, and cannot be in default to the City of Howell. The deadline for applications is 3pm this Friday. (JM)