By Jessica Mathews /

Monday night’s Howell City Council meeting was bittersweet for outgoing members.

Mayor Nick Proctor and Council members Jeanette Ambrose and Randy Greene are not running for re-election and each shared their appreciation and gratitude to the City and residents.

Mayor Proctor, choked up at times, thanked all of the residents and business owners for putting their trust in him. Monday was his last full meeting in the role and he said the last 8 years have been a truly fantastic experience with collaboration, challenges and accomplishments. Proctor said he’s very optimistic for Howell’s future in with potential developments and redevelopments, continued City awards and designations and consistent excellence in financial reporting.

Proctor said he’s tried to be true to the city charter, maintain non-partisan governance and respect all regardless of political affiliation or whether they’re a Spartan or a Wolverine – joking “there’s nothing worse than a Spartan that gloats”.

Proctor commented that despite the lows of frustrations and the highs of accomplishments, he’s been consistently honored to serve for the last 80 months – and his gratitude and thanks to the residents, business owners, volunteers, and city staff is truly immeasurable.

Greene thanked his colleagues for their time and sacrifices - saying it has been an eye-opening experience and even when Council disagreed, they left with respect for each other and would later laugh in the parking lot. He commended all of the city employees and departments for everything they do; saying they’re hardworking, welcoming, considerate and professional.

Greene said he felt the most consequential vote he ever cast on Council was to appoint Erv Suida as city manager, saying he has knowledge, vision, respect for employees, citizens and council and is the exact right person to manage the City. Greene further stated he’ll miss Mayor Proctor, who has been “a fantastic leader and even better person”. He wished Council the best and thanked everyone for the opportunity.

Councilwoman Ambrose also thanked everyone for the opportunity to serve and for trusting her, saying she’ll still be around but just needs life to settle down a little bit.

At Council’s November 8th meeting, Proctor will call the meeting to order and then step aside after the new mayor and council members take their oath of office.

Meanwhile, there’s a full slate of candidates running in next Tuesday’s election although the majority have been absent at meetings. Vying for Proctor’s seat, which carries a two-year term, are current Councilman Bob Ellis and Attorney Bob Parker. Five candidates are seeking three open Council seats that carry four year terms – incumbent Jan Lobur and newcomers Jacob Schlittler, Luke Wilson, Kevin Shopshire and Lee Ann Blazejewski. The only candidates that have attended meetings on a regular basis since filing are Schlitter and Wilson. Also of note is that only three of the total seven candidates took part in a non-partisan voter education forum – Ellis, Lobur and Shopshire.

The meeting audio of the Council goodbyes is available in the podcast section of our website. Photo - Danica Katnik - City of Howell.