The Howell City Council met recently and approved a state trunkline maintenance contract with the Michigan Department of Transportation.

The City’s five year maintenance contract with MDOT was up for renewal this year. Interim Howell City Manager Erv Suida tells WHMI it’s a longstanding contract and they’ve had this agreement in place for over 40 years. He says it’s a contract that gives the City a mechanism to recoup costs when they provide services to the trunk line. For example, when they haul snow from the downtown, then Suida says MDOT pays a portion of that. If there are potholes and MDOT can’t get out there, he says the City can fix them and recoup the cost through the contract. Suida says it’s really beneficial for both parties and also helps them get a little bit better maintenance in the city.

In addition to hauling snow and emergency pothole repairs, the City can recoup costs for things such as storm grate cleaning, street sweeping and various other maintenances performed on both Grand River and South Michigan Avenue. The new contract runs through September 30th, 2024. (JM)