By Jessica Mathews /

A strategic visioning plan has been approved by the Howell City Council, designed to help guide budget discussions in the coming weeks and months.

The plan was approved in November and sets forth a vision for the future with budgeting. A memo from City Manager Erv Suida stated the past few years have been dominated by the pandemic, significant staffing changes and continued fiscal constraints. While all deemed important, Suida asked that Council and staff set those aside and focus on building a consensus for a clear vision for the community.

Suida said Council held a special meeting back in October in regard to the strategic visioning plan, which provides a guiding document as they begin development of the next fiscal year budget and beyond. He said Council came together to discuss the vision and some goals and objectives to move the community forward.

He tells WHMI it was really a strategic session to help guide them through the budget process to meet the various goals and objectives Council has set. He says the document outlays that and serves as a guide as they develop the budget for the 2022-2023 fiscal year.

Suida said City Council will start working on the budget this month, right up through May until adoption. Council has set a date to get started on December 20th at 6pm, prior to the regularly scheduled meeting, to discuss the process and parameters.

More information on the plan is included in the provided link.