By Jessica Mathews /

It was an emotional and bittersweet ordeal as the new Howell City clerk was sworn in.

City Council met virtually Monday night and per charter, unanimously approved a motion to officially appoint Angela Guillen to the position with a negotiated salary of $59,000. An offer of employment was earlier extended to Angela Guillen subject to negotiations of an agreement. That was accomplished and Guillen started in her new role on February 16th.

It was stated that longtime Clerk Jane Cartwright is leaving after 17 years of stellar service and difficult elections, noting she also served in the dual role of Human Resources director. She got choked up while administering the oath of office to Guillen and both were teary-eyed at the end.

It was Cartwright’s final Council meeting. At the end, she said it has been such a privilege and honor to serve the City, Council and residents – adding everyone will always hold a very special place in her heart and she’s grateful.

Members were sad to see Cartwright go and commented she’ll be missed deeply while simultaneously welcoming Guillen and expressing confidence in her abilities. She most recently served as the deputy clerk in Genesee County’s Mundy Township. In addition to a decade of service as an election chair and accreditation as an election official, Guillen is also said to bring experience in the election process at the local level, including most recently during the 2020 Presidential election.