The City of Howell has received another clean audit report.

The City received an “unmodified” opinion, indicating the statements fairly present the financial position of the City’s activities. The 2019 audit report was accepted following a presentation during a recent City Council meeting. Representatives from the Rehmann Robson firm again commended the City, management team, and Finance Director Catherine Stanislawski, saying they continue to operate very efficiently. The City has had clean audits for the last several years and received numerous excellence in financial reporting awards – despite continuing budget and revenue challenges and what officials say is a broken state fiscal model. The favorable audit report was said to be a testament to the quality of the financial staff and the rest of the team in regard to how they handle and manage the resources of the city. Interim City Manager Erv Suida tells WHMI the finance department did it again and what a great job with another clean audit, adding they can’t speak highly enough about the department and great work that they do.

A memo noted the general fund ended the year with a fund balance of $2.29 (m) million – representing 31.73% of general fund expenditures and transfers out for the fiscal year ending June 20th, 2019. That percentage is higher than the City’s target of 20% and Council instructed staff to allocate a portion of the additional funds to making an additional MERS contribution, the upcoming Clinton Street project and the Barnard Center demolition. Whatever revenue is then remaining over the 20% fund balance will be dedicated to the 2020/2021 budget process. (JM)