By Mike Kruzman /

A historical landmark in Howell is getting some needed repairs.

At their most recent online meeting, the Livingston County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution authorizing a resealing of the Historical Courthouse foundation and drain tile work at the site. According to a memo to Commissioners from Chris Folts of Livingston County Facility Services, the courthouse’s foundation was last sealed in 1980. It has been found to be deteriorating in some areas, causing moisture transfer as a result.

To preserve the building, Folts says it is essential to excavate and reseal the foundation, and retile and reconnect the roof drain system. The project was put out to bid with six contractors responding to an onsite walk through. Three bid on the project, with Ram Construction being selected with lowest, most qualified bid.

The Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the resolution authorizing the project for an amount not to exceed $130,620.