By Jessica Mathews /

Three amendments introduced by Livingston County’s congresswoman were adopted Wednesday as part of the PFAS Action Act - a bipartisan bill approved by the U.S. House of Representatives to help clean up PFAS contamination and regulate so-called “forever chemicals”.

The PFAS Action Act would direct the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to implement a drinking water standard for PFAS; provide grants to impacted water systems to support cleanup; require limitations and standards for PFAS introduction or discharge, and provide specific guidance for first responders to limit their potential exposure in emergency situations.

Slotkin’s amendments to the bill were passed shortly before the House approved the entire bill. Slotkin has been a strong advocate for PFAS cleanup. During remarks made on the House floor Wednesday morning to discuss the PFAS Action Act, the 8th District Democrat noted that discussions with constituents, including many who get their water through private household wells, helped inform her on amendments to the bill. “I have always believed that environmental security is Homeland Security because it's about the safety and security of our kids and the preservation of our way of life in Michigan. If you can't take your grandchildren fishing and the lakes you grew up on, or can't safely hand your child a glass of water without knowing they might get a learning disability. That is a threat to your family".

Slotkin’s provisions would improve an EPA resource website that will include guidance and information on how residents can test household well water for PFAS and what to do if traces are found; increase grant funding for local communities to $500 (m) million annually for the next five years to cover the cost of PFAS treatment; and expand the PFAS-Free Product Labeling Program, which will require the EPA to incorporate PFAS into an existing “safe-labeling” program for certain products.

Slotkin’s full remarks in support of the bill can be heard through the provided link.