By Jon King /

A suspect wanted for the shooting death of his father was taken into custody by Brighton Police Monday morning after they stopped his vehicle along Murphy Drive between Challis and Nemco Way, in front of the University of Michigan Health Center.

Brighton Police Chief Rob Bradford says they were dispatched at about 10:30 Monday morning to a home on Woodlake Drive on the report of a shooting. Bradford says the caller told dispatchers that her 18-year-old brother had shot and killed her father. Upon arrival, officers were told the suspect had left the house. They then found the father deceased in his bed. "We were able to get the suspect on the phone and after some negotiations he drove back to Brighton and turned himself in without incident. We are still processing the scene and working on motives."

After the suspect's vehicle was brought to a stop, he was taken into custody without further incident. His name has not been released and its not known when charges will be filed in the case.

The incident was witnessed by a Howell mother. Lindsay, who asked that we not use her last name, said she was with her kids and had just left an appointment at the health center when she saw the police bring the suspect’s vehicle to a stop. “I was going to back out and then all of a sudden there are at least five or six police cars surrounding a blue vehicle. They got their guns out, they pointed them at the suspect and at that point I wanted to get out of there. My kids wanted to watch and see what was going on, but I didn’t know if he would take off running so I was trying to go around to the back. But they surrounded the car and they really had it under control. Then he got in the police car and it all happened in just a matter of minutes.”

Lindsay said it did not appear that the suspect was resisting officers and she complimented the police on how quickly and professionally they handled the situation.

The vehicle apparently impacted the rear of a police car and was not in park, so that when the police car was moved to allow for a flat bad tow truck to remove it from the scene, it began to roll up onto the sidewalk before officers on the scene were able to to put it into park.