Local agencies and community members are encouraging a proactive approach to preventing and ending homelessness with an educational event.

November is Homeless Awareness Month and local advocates for raising awareness say being cognizant of the issue in Livingston County is essential to preventing and ending homelessness. To aid in that outreach effort, the Homeless Continuum of Care Committee will hold its Main Awareness Event tomorrow night at the Howell Opera House. The event will feature public speakers and a student art show to offer unique and personal perspectives on what it means to be homeless.

The Homeless Continuum of Care Committee reports that between January 1st and December 31st of 2018, there were 618 occurrences of both literal and at-risk cases of homelessness in Livingston County. There were also 66 homeless veterans and 357 homeless students.

Event organizers encourage community members to attend the Main Awareness event Wednesday to learn more about the prevalence of homelessness in the area and what can be done to help those affected. Doors open at 4pm and details can be found at the attachment below. (DK)