Jessica Mathews /

Local agencies are continuing efforts to help shelter and support those experiencing homelessness in Livingston County.

Homelessness and housing are said to be complicated problems for every community. The need is expected to be even more pronounced this season as Livingston County's only adult congregate seasonal homeless shelter closed due to a lack of funding and volunteer commitments. It was operated by the now-dissolved Severe Weather Network Livingston County.

Various agencies are continuing work and collaboration to address the issue. The Livingston County Homeless Continuum of Care works to provide rent, shelter, and utility support to the community year-round.

In terms of sheltering those who are literally homeless, the HCC utilizes hotel vouchers all year long for individuals, couples, and families. The agency is currently working on a one-page shelter resource document that includes warming shelter information and homeless support group information.

OLHSA, The Salvation Army and Recovery Advocates in Livingston (RAIL) are working to expand case management onsite at the local hotel shelter. The HCC is also considering formalizing relationships with out-of-county shelters and working to bring in training on Housing Problem Solving, which involves diversion or prevention from entering emergency shelter.

The Homeless Awareness Month committee is raising funds for a Barrier Buster account to help with Housing Problem Solving.

Those who want to help shelter those experiencing homelessness this winter are asked to consider supporting The Salvation Army, which is working on raising more hotel shelter funds.

More information about local efforts and resources is available in the attached release.