By Mike Kruzman /

Time is running out on a special fundraiser to help end homelessness in Livingston County.

Next month is National Homeless Awareness Month and the Livingston County Homeless Continuum of Care Committee is getting involved. Those looking to help can purchase a special short sleeve t-shirt for $25, or long sleeve t-shirt for $30, with the deadline to do so recently being pushed from this Thursday, to Tuesday, October 20th. Proceeds will help support Livingston County residents experiencing homelessness thorough the Continuum’s partner agencies. All orders will be shipped in time for recipients to participate in the Continuum’s community awareness day on November 11th.

After placing an order, the committee invites purchasers to share their thoughts on the matter across social media using the tags @homelessccc and #endhomelessnesslivco. Then on community awareness day, take a picture of yourself wearing the shirt and post it at the same hashtag.

Community Collaborative Planner Amy Johnston said, in a release, that the fundraiser isn’t about raising funds as much as it about spreading awareness. She said the partner agencies are working hard and are dedicated to making sure that those who need housing resources in Livingston County have the support they need.

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