By Mike Kruzman /

The Livingston County Homeless Continuum of Care Committee is sharing highlights from many partner organizations in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

The HCCC is a federally mandated body that works to develop and coordinate a continuum of housing and services for homeless individuals and families and those at-risk of homelessness, locally. They have recently released their latest Collective Impact Report, which focuses on coronavirus response through the end of April.

In it, they share that the Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency has provided housing, shelter, and emergency shelter for 77 people, and utility assistance for another 22. OLHSA’s Supportive Services for Veteran Families program additionally spent over $6,300 to help keep 17 veterans and family members safely housed.

The Salvation Army of Livingston County served 5,000 prepared meals, provided over 6 tons of food through their pantry, and spent $15,000 on assisting people with rent and utilities. The Livingston Family Center sheltered 6 youths and children, and spent $3,500 on food, hygiene, and technology to maintain therapy and case management contacts through the outbreak.

The Severe Weather Network spent $10,000 on assisting 30 homeless families and worked with churches and food pantries to help feed those in need. These are just some of the several organizations that have put a good foot forward towards helping the community with COVID-19 relief. The report also features updates from LACASA, St. Vincent De Paul Conference, and Love, Inc. A full copy of the Collective Impact Report can be found below.