By Mike Kruzman /

One area school district has confirmed that they will not be requiring masks or vaccines in the upcoming school year.

Holly Area Schools Superintendent Scott Roper, recently made the announcement via letter to parents, according to the Tricounty Times. In his letter, he acknowledges that as the 2021-2022 school year draws closer, many families still have questions. When the state lifted all restrictions, orders and mandates around COVID-19 in June, the district made immediate changes to their summer school program, with Roper saying they are now even closer to being back to a normal school environment and routine for the fall. He called a seven-day average case count of zero at the time of his letter “very encouraging.”

The superintendent said that they understand that choice is important to their parents with the planning for a return to a normal school year. That choice on whether or not to wear a mask extends not only to Holly Area Schools’ families, but also to staff. No COVID-19 vaccination will be required to attend or work in the district.

Roper wrote that they will continue to reinforce healthy hygiene habits, practice thorough cleaning and sanitizing, and improve the ventilation systems in their facilities to support not only the mitigation of COVID, but also other seasonal illnesses. The district will continue to monitor metrics and follow the laws, with Roper adding their experience and knowledge has them prepared to take any steps necessary should the community experience an unexpected surge.