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Authorities are reminding parents to be vigilant following what was described as a suspicious encounter involving two young boys in Highland Township.

Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard is reminding parents to be vigilant and talk with their children about “stranger danger” after an incident last Thursday near a bus stop involving two boys and an unknown man.

The Office says two 10-year-old boys were playing after school by the Duck Lake Community Resource Center near Duck Lake Road and Connors Lane at approximately 3:30pm when a man standing outside a black Chevy truck offered them candy and popsicles. The man had been eating a popsicle and watching the boys as his truck was parked on the side of the road. Both doors to the truck cab were open. One of the boys ran away while the other appeared unsure what to do.

A woman, who lived in the area, was driving by and witnessed the man talking to the boys. She asked the boys if they were OK. One of the boys replied the man was trying to abduct them. Upon hearing this, the Office says the unidentified male quickly got into his truck and fled. The woman then followed the boys to their homes where the Sheriff’s Office was notified of the encounter.

The man is described as a white male with a long gray beard, between 60-70 years old, wearing a green reflective safety vest and work boots. The model of the truck is not known.

Bouchard said “Parents should have an age-appropriate discussion with their children about contact with adults. Even adults they may have seen or met with does not mean they should do what those adults ask them to do like going in a house or getting in a car. In this case, the subject was not known to the boys. We would like to know the identity of this individual – if anyone has information – and to be alert in that area”.

Anyone who may have seen the black Chevrolet pickup truck near a school or bus stop, or its driver should call the Sheriff's Office at 248-858-4911.

Huron Valley Schools was informed of the incident and provided information to parents. Bouchard and school officials are further reminding parents of safety tips, which are available in the attached release.