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A different kind of campaign is kicking off in a local community because “everyone needs a little kindness”.

Highland Township will officially welcome the new Kindness Campaign "Highland Kindness” with a ceremony on Monday. Local residents and elected leaders will gather to unveil a new kindness banner that will be on display along Milford Road, just south of M-59.

The idea for a kindness campaign was brought to Highland’s Community Roundtable in late July, members embraced the campaign, and kindness has been spreading.

Highland Township Clerk Tami Flowers said “The concept is simple. If you see a kind act like someone changing a tire for a stranger, or someone buys you a cup of coffee or lets you into traffic, we ask you to share the event on our Facebook page #highlandkindness. We knew people were seeing and experiencing acts of kindness every day and now we are sharing those actions with everyone”.

The campaign spread to include kindness projects in businesses, Highland Library and area schools. Many residents have been responding by thanking people who sent flowers or received a free cup of coffee and sharing heart-touching stories about people stepping up to help a stranger in many ways.

Helping lead the cause is Nancy Branstetter, who spoke with WHMI along with Flowers about the campaign.

Branstetter said she had an idea and brought it to the township through the community roundtable and it was very well received. She said it’s become a joint project that just keeps growing and expanding with local businesses, schools, and the community getting involved.

Flowers said the hope is that the new sign will help people remember to pay attention to different acts of kindness they’re seeing or experiencing and share them with the community, adding she thinks having a regular reminder will also help people get in the groove of sharing their stories.

The unveiling of the kindness banner and official campaign kick-off event will take place at 11am at Wee Friends Child Care & Learning Center, located at 105 Ruggles Road.

The community is invited to gather for a brief ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially welcome the Kindness Campaign. Following the event, children at Wee Friends Preschool will hear a kindness story or two. Kindness books were donated by the Friends of Highland Library to eight Highland preschools. The kids will also enjoy a kindness art project courtesy of the Huron Valley Council for the Arts.

A link to the Facebook page is provided.