By Jessica Mathews/

The investigation into a suspicious fire at a condo complex in the City of Brighton continues and is expected to take some time to complete.

A large fire broke out at the Hidden Harbor complex off Candlewood Trail around noon on Wednesday. Many people were said to be affected as the main building has 24 units. Half were deemed uninhabitable due to water, smoke or fire damage while the other half could potentially re-open in a week or so after cleaning. One person was hospitalized in critical condition from severe smoke inhalation, one was treated and released and two others were treated at the scene. The Brighton fire marshal and inspectors were working with Brighton Police on scene as the cause was deemed suspicious.

Police Chief Rob Bradford tells WHMI the investigation is still ongoing and it may take some time to come up with an exact cause. He noted they just did the on-scene investigation Thursday and it will take some time to get it pieced back together where they would feel comfortable making a statement about cause. Bradford said the victim who was hospitalized is still being treated for heavy smoke inhalation.