By Jessica Mathews/

29 couples will take a leap of faith on Leap Day in Hell this weekend.

29 couples will tie the knot on Leap Day during free weddings being offered in the tiny Putnam Township hamlet of Hell. The ceremony is scheduled to start at 2:29pm promptly this Saturday, February 29th - no matter what the Michigan weather so attendees should dress appropriately. The Reverend Yvonne Williams has been officiating weddings for eleven years now but has been dubbed the official minister of Hell for the last three. Weddings take place year round and she says it’s a nice little venue, inexpensive, cheeky and the marriage licenses read “I Got Married in Hell”. As for the ceremony, Williams says the 29 couples will all gather in a big circle around the wedding chapel, repeat vows and exchange rings. She says many couples plan to bring along family, witnesses and other guests. Williams tells WHMI it’s all part of the novelty because “a marriage that begins in Hell has nowhere to go but up”. As a bonus since it’s a Leap Year, she says the lucky couples only have to remember their anniversaries every four years. Williams added she’s just excited to hold the event and can’t wait to witness all of the love- which is what the event is all about and they’re all just one happy, hysterical hell.