Public health officials are reminding parents and caregivers about the dangers of heatstroke and leaving children in hot cars. Heatstroke Prevention Awareness Day is this Monday, April 22nd. The Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, and the Michigan Department of State are combining forces to raise awareness about heatstrokes and how to prevent tragedies. Heatstroke is leading cause of vehicular non-crash related deaths for children under 14. Last year, 51 kids nationwide died from being left in a car, a 19% increase from 2017. There have been 794 such deaths among children since 1998, with 10 of them occurring in Michigan.

Parents and caregivers are being asked to A.C.T. together to keep children safe. A- Avoid heatstroke related injuries and death by never leaving children alone in a car, even for a few minutes. Lock door and trunks, and keep keys out of reach. C- Create reminders by placing something needed at the next stop, like a bag or cell phone, next to a car seat or booster. And T- Take action. If you see a child alone in a car, call 911 to talk to experienced emergency personnel who are trained to respond to such a situation.

The National Heatstroke Prevention Campaign begins on May 27 and runs through August 11. More information and tips for preventing heatstroke can be found at (MK)