Today marks Heat Awareness Day, and officials are using it to advise residents about the health risks associated with extreme heat.

Southeastern Michigan hasn’t experienced an extreme heat event in several years. The region averages up to 12 days of 90°+ days through the year. The National Weather Service will issue a number of heat related alerts which include; Excessive Heat Watch, which will be issued two to three days in advance, if the heat index is expected to reach 105°. A Heat Advisory will be issued if the heat index is expected to hit 100° for three hours or more. Finally, they'll issue an Excessive Heat Warning when the heat index is expected to reach 105° for more than three hours.

Livingston County and Southeastern Michigan haven't been under a Excessive Heat Warning since 2013, and the area hasn't been under a Heat Advisory since 2016.

Meanwhile, the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments has announced that today is the first Ozone Action Day of the season, when weather conditions (such as heat, humidity, and air stagnation) run the risk of causing health problems. Residents are asked to do various things to help reduce air pollution, including delaying mowing your lawn until evening or the next day, avoid refueling your vehicle during daylight hours, consider carpooling and reduce electricity use. (EO/JK)