According to a national study, Livingston County continues to remain as one of the healthiest counties in the state.

The 2018 County Health Rankings were released on Wednesday, and for the 3rd straight year Livingston County ranked 3rd out of Michigan’s 83 counties. The rankings are compiled from data collected across the county which is then weighed, standardized, and organized into two categories; health outcomes and health factors. Health outcomes looks at length and quality of life. The health factors category measures health behaviors, clinical care, social and economic factors, and the physical environment.

Areas where Livingston County residents excelled in were having high percentages of residents that are physically active, have health insurance, and a rising rate of women receiving mammography screenings.

Despite coming in 3rd, the rankings give the health department useful direction on areas that could still be improved upon. Areas identified were a high rate of adult smokers, the adult obesity rate, and transportation. Livingston County residents tend to have farther commutes to and from work with not enough using ride-share opportunities.

These areas have been recognized by the health department and being addressed in the current Livingston County Community Health Improvement Plan. The complete report can be found online through the link below. The counties that beat Livingston? Ottawa and Grand Traverse. (MK)