Organizations that serve either survivors of sexual assault or people living with HIV have opportunities for grants from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

The MDHHS has released three requests for proposals (RFP) this week. The first is for private and public organizations who wish to implement and evaluate programming to reduce the rate of tobacco use in people living with HIV. Those living with HIV are twice as likely to be using tobacco, and are more likely to die from tobacco-related illnesses than they are from complications with HIV. The state health department plans on awarding more than $4-million in grants for this.

The MDHHS’s Division of Victim Services has also issued 2 RFPs to provide services to survivors of sexual assault. The first is for Sexual Assault Comprehensive Services. Awards for this RFP will help organizations that help survivors heal from trauma through methods like 24-hour hotlines, helplines, individual and group counseling, and medical and criminal justice accompaniment. A companion Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) RFP is also open, and designed for programs that respond to sexual assault patients’ emotional and physical needs, along with evidentiary needs for prosecution.

All grant applications must be submitted electronically through the MI-Grants program by 3pm, August 16th. More information and instructions on how to apply can be found by visiting the MI E-Grants website. (MK)