By Mike Kruzman /

The Livingston County Health Department is beginning the search for an epidemiologist.

Health Promotion Coordinator Natasha Radke says the Health Department had been hoping to get one on board before the coronavirus outbreak happened, but this pandemic has definitely pushed things forward. Epidemiologists do research and investigation to reduce the risk or occurrence of negative outcomes in several health-related areas. Along with helping to stunt the spread of something like the coronavirus, they analyze and interpret data around other communicable and chronic diseases, child health, and identify substance abuse trends.

Radke says that having an epidemiologist on staff will be valuable to the county and its residents. She told WHMI, “Having an epidemiologist, specifically for our county, will definitely provide some additional support and expertise that we all will benefit from- not just from our current situation, but also moving forward.” She noted that the response we’re in right now is very significant and unprecedented in terms of the effects its had globally, but once it wraps up there’s definitely going to be more to do in public health. Radke says, having an individual with that skillset is very exciting.

Radke says the Livingston County Health Department is going to post for the position in a couple of days, and definitely want the position filled within a month or so.