By Mike Kruzman /

Hartland Township officials have approved a project that will pave the way for paved roads in a local neighborhood.

The Board of Trustees made relatively short work of the lone Pending and New Business item on their agenda, Tuesday night. Up for approval was an agreement with the Livingston County Road Commission for the repaving of the Hartland Woods Estates development.

Hartland Township Manager Bob West said this is in response to the road improvement special assessment district created for the development. West said the cost is within the defined scope and staff sees no issues with it. The project will take place during this 2022 construction season.

A memo from Hartland Department of Public Works Director Michael Luce to the Board of Trustees says the project is estimated to cost no more than $548,875. Luce writes that the paving will take place this summer and include limited drainage improvements. The road will be crushed and shaped in place, with a 3.8-inch topcoat applied in 2 lifts. The Road Commission anticipates that the project will only take a few weeks to complete with manageable interruption to residents. Hartland Public Works will monitor the project, with Luce saying they look forward to the completion as it will be a relief to many residents in the development.

The Board of Trustees unanimously approved the agreement.