By Mike Kruzman /

A water main extension in Hartland Township will help spur proposed housing developments while potentially bringing savings to residents on the system.

During the information and discussion portion of the Board of Trustees first meeting of 2021, Hartland Township Manager Bob West informed officials of his intent to authorize letters of intent to developers with housing projects in the works. The township intends to extend their water main down east M-59 to the Hartland Glen and Pirhl sites. Mayberry Homes will also be able to connect, though they are not taking part in the project at this time. Their costs would have equated to 16% of the $3.1-million project cost, or roughly $650,000. Instead, the township will pay that amount and then when Mayberry is set to connect, sell them the REUs at whatever the cost at that time may be. West said there is a risk in this, but he sees it as a small one for the great reward it could result in.

He added that existing water users will also benefit. West said that this project will potentially double their water service customers connections, which will reduce fixed costs. He further summarized it, saying, “So there is a definitely a public benefit. This is not solely for the developers, and there is recognizable benefit to our water fund at a full build out.”

In information presented to the Board in the meeting’s agenda, there is a potential for 799 REUs to be connected with the extension: 300 from Hartland Glen, 64 from Pirhl, and 435 from Mayberry. West said the committed developers have pledged to pay their $3.1-million up front and that by issuing them letters of intent for the project, they can use those letters to obtain their needed financing.