By Mike Kruzman /

Hartland Township officials has approved a pair of special land use applications for local businesses.

At their Tuesday night meeting, the Board of Trustees first considered an application by an undercoating business to be located at 10055 Bergen Road in the Hartland Commerce Center. A neighboring business owner was present at the meeting and asked that the Board hold the applicant to pair of promises he made throughout the approval process. One, was that he use the environmentally-safe coating that he pledged to with his business and not at any point revert back to less safe undercoating options from years past. And two, that be held to his word and only use hand sprayers when applying the product. Supervisor Bill Fountain asked the applicant if this was a reasonable enough request to be included in the resolution, to which he agreed to. Hartland Clerk Larry Ciofu asked about the planning commission’s request for a pollution protection plan, which was said be near completion.

The other business requesting a special land use permit was the Biggby Coffee at 11325 Highland Road in the Hartland Pointe Plaza. The operators were requesting the permit so that they could install a drive-through lane and window at the site. Biggby will be losing parking spaces with the addition, but it was noted that they still had ample numbers. A pair of the spots are designated for handicapped parking, however, and need to be moved. The operators are targeting the two spots directly across from the current handicapped parking, claiming it would give users direct access to the ramp that leads to all of the businesses on the strip. It was noted that while the township was okay with this, the state may have a different idea, and the applicants were accepting of this.

Both special land use permits were approved by the board unanimously.