By Jessica Mathews /

A road improvement project has been approved in Hartland Township.

The Board of Trustees met Tuesday night and approved a contract agreement with the Livingston County Road Commission for the rehabilitation of Parshallville Road.

Work involves an asphalt overlay of roughly .34 miles from the end of the current pavement on Parshallville Road to Linden Road. The project is pegged at $165,000 but since it’s included in the Road Commission’s Pavement Preservation Program, the cost of the work is shared and the township is only responsible for 50%. It was noted during the meeting that as part of the agreement, the Road Commission has agreed to move forward with additional work on Parshallville Road.

Manager Bob West told the board what’s even more advantageous is that the Road Commission has agreed to re-limestone and re-gravel the entire section of Parshallville Road on its own - in anticipation of making a new road for all the residents in that area. West added that it’s not often the township is awarded a project through the program as there is limited funding and all communities in Livingston County are encouraged to apply.

The board unanimously approved the contract in an amount not to exceed $82,500. Photo: Google Street View.