Hartland Township is repealing an ordinance that addresses seasonal sidewalk maintenance as officials say the regulatory oversight really isn’t really needed.

The municipality adopted Ordinance No. 80 over four years ago and in that time the Township has received almost no violation complaints.

Supervisor Bill Fountain says, "We had an ordinance that after three inches of snow you had to remove it within 24 hours. People are doing that well enough on their own."

According to a memo from Township Manager James Wickman, staff has observed that most property owners are working hard to maintain sidewalks abutting their property with appropriate care. He adds that Hartland Township has traditionally avoided regulating its residents and businesses in areas where it was not needed.

Wickman says it appears that sidewalk maintenance is one of those areas where regulations are not needed at this time and recommended the repeal of the ordinance. He says staff will continue to monitor maintenance over the years and report back regularly.

The Board of Trustees on Tuesday voted unanimously to adopt a resolution repealing Ordinance No.80 in its entirety. The repeal will take effect immediately after it is publicized. (DK)