By Jessica Mathews /

A new agreement has been approved for M-59 median maintenance in Hartland Township.

At a recent meeting, the township board approved a service contract with Hartland-based Horizon Landscape for the 2021-2023 seasons for an amount not to exceed $20,402 per year. The contract covers all maintenance in the medians, which includes spring clean-up, mulch, turf treatments and irrigation start-up and fall shut down.

A memo states the medians are a major focal point of the community and business area but maintaining them can be cumbersome and hazardous for Public Works staff. Township Manager Bob West told the board the company has provided satisfactory service in the past and was the only responsive company that will perform all facets of maintenance.

West said in-house staff was performing the work last year but that staff has been transferred to the cemetery because there has been a significant increase in costs. He commented further that as costs continue to rise, many communities that once contracted out for mowing are now bringing it back in-house. West said it was decided that transferring staff to perform cemetery mowing and maintenance and contracting out the median work would be more financially advantageous – netting around an $8,000 to $10,000 savings annually.

It was noted during the meeting that M-59 is a busy road and was not the safest place for newer seasonal township employees. West said the change will prove to be a much safer environment and result in substantial cost savings for the cemetery and general fund.

Photo: Google Street View.