Early discussions are underway in Hartland Township regarding the potential expansion of the municipality’s water service district.

Public Works Director Bob West updated the Board of Trustees on the status of the township’s current water system at a Tuesday meeting. He also presented the idea of expanding its service district with a second system.

The area of expansion was determined by property zoning and the land’s potential for high-density development. The discussion was in part prompted by proposed plans for a high-density development that would require water service. Developers for Mayberry Homes have suggested constructing their own system, but West feels it’d be more beneficial to the township for the municipality to construct a second one of its own that would service the aforementioned development and future ones to come.

Building a separate system is expected to be more cost-effective, as extending water lines to the proposed development would cost upwards of $5 million. If the township decided to move forward with the project, expanding the district would likely come in phases. West says costs for either option have not been fully laid out as the concept is so preliminary. Tuesday’s discussion served as a way to gauge trustees’ thoughts on the issue and how to proceed, if at all. Ultimately the board members decided to look into the feasibility of each option with developers and the estimated costs.

The current water system went into operation about 17 years ago and has been well-maintained, as a number of improvement projects have been completed from the township’s Capital Improvement Plan. West reiterated the discussion to expand is still in the very early stages, but wanted to avoid potential missed opportunities. (DK)