By Jessica Mathews /

Hartland Township's virtual State of the Community address is planned Monday to mark collaboration, progress and announce the Volunteer of the Year.

The Hartland Township 2020 State of the Community address will be delivered virtually on Monday night.

Hartland Township, together with representatives from Hartland Cromaine Library, Hartland Area Chamber of Commerce, and Hartland Consolidated Schools will deliver the 2020 State of the Community address at 7pm Monday. The address celebrates Hartland’s successes over the past year, along with plans for the future. As a true sign of the times, officials say the event will be held virtually and a link will be posted on Hartland Living Facebook page.

township Manager Bob West says in lieu of the annual State of the Township address, they’re looking forward to welcoming their ‘Partners in Progress’ to share a ‘State of the Community’ address with the community. He says “even in the changing world around us, Hartland has seen much progress in the past year. This address will be a chance to celebrate many of these accomplishments together as a community”.

Besides providing a snapshot of the Township’s state of affairs, the 2020 Hartland Living Volunteer of the Year will be revealed and honored. Hartland residents voted for nine candidates in September. After the initial airing, the address will be posted on Hartland Township’s website and social media channels.