New sidewalks and playground equipment will be going in this spring in Hartland Township.

The Hartland Township board has been working to increase recreational opportunities and develop parks. Bids have been received for the Hartland Pathway project, which were deemed favorable, although additional costs are anticipated for excavating work. However, that is not expected negatively impact the project budget. The project calls for the installation of sidewalk on Hartland Road between M-59 and the Village school campus, which Wickman says is a great connection point for walking and biking for the community. He noted the low bid came in under budget, so it looks very promising to get everything done as hoped and have that connection. The sidewalk bid will be up for approval during the board meeting on Monday, March 6th.

Meanwhile, a new playground structure is being installed at Heritage Park. The board was informed in late February that new playground equipment is ready to be put in. The equipment has already been approved, ordered and is ready to go. The break in weather, before Thursday’s winter storm, allowed staff to get a head start on things. Wickman says they’ll get the equipment in the ground and then bring in the fibar chips for fall protection and be ready to go for kids in the spring. (JM)