By Jessica Mathews /

The Hartland Consolidated Schools Board of Education has appointed a new member.

The Board recently appointed Victor Bugni to a trustee position. Longtime member Charlie Aberasturi stepped down to relocate his residence to a different community after serving on the board for 24 years. A press release states that while Bugni has "big shoes to fill", he brings to the table 20 years of service as an educator, school administrator and employee of the Michigan Department of Education.

During earlier interviews, Bugni said he brings extensive experience in education, finance and budget as well as a drive for all students, and knowledge of how schools and communities can work together to make all students successful.

When it came to his top goals, Bugni listed expanding and enhancing the experience of students and giving them opportunities, providing an environment that’s open to all learners and making sure they’re able to do that in a responsible manner for everybody including fiscally. Bugni said he’s maybe missed only one or two meetings since moving here in 2019.

Bugni will be seated at the table on December 13th. Officials say they look forward to learning more about Bugni as he contributes to the guidance and direction of the district. Bugni will fill the seat until the November 2022 General Election, when he’ll need to run for the position.