By Mike Kruzman /

A major housing development is one step away from getting shovels in the ground in Hartland Township.

The proposed Redwood Living planned development, or PD, would consist of roughly 148 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment homes with attached garages and driveways on 27-acres of the 383.15-acre Hartland Glen Golf Course property.

The Hartland Township Planning Commission called a special meeting earlier month and met with the applicant to consider a recommendation of approval.

Much of the discussion centered around an easement request for a sign on a triangular piece of property on the north side of Cundy Road, which is just across the street from the development site. This would not be allowed under normal zoning, but could be accommodated for under the PD. Under normal zoning, the sign would need to be on the property and meet township sign ordinance regulations.

With the potential for several more developments and up to 560 new homes coming to Hartland Glen, Planning Commissioners were hesitant to allow an exclusive sign. Chairman Larry Fox says this is a big issue to him. Fox said if they grant Redwood, which is the first development on the site, this request, then the all the future developers for Hartland Glen property will want the same. Fox, and other commissioners were open to granting the easement if was a sign that advertised for the entirety of the Hartland Glen property. As an example, he suggested a sign that might read “Hartland Glen Golf Course and Residential Community,” and/or have spots for all the developments that come in, much like a business park might have.

The applicant voluntarily revoked the request for a sign easement with the understanding that they could come back with it in the future.

The Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval of the final PD plan, which will now go to the Board of Trustees for their ultimate decision.