By Mike Kruzman /

Hartland Township Planning Commissioners are exploring options with amending their future land use map.

Last fall, following a joint session between the Board of Trustees and Planning Commission, the Planning Commission made a decision to look at 4 areas of the future land use map that fall under the multi-family category. Township Planner Troy Langer said after Thursday night’s work session with commissioners, that a residential market analysis study from 2014 suggested a number of apartments units that Hartland Township could support in the coming years. He said that it looks like they’ll now never be able to develop for what they planned for in future land use map designations.

The Planning Commission tasked a subcommittee to target 4 areas for possible amendment. Area 1 is south of Clyde Road near US-23. With a lack of water and other nearby amenities apartment dwellers often prefer in that location, the subcommittee felt changing the designation to make it consistent with neighboring designations made sense. Area 2 is south of Hartland Road, by Dunham, in which they proposed changing to Medium Suburban Density, which has a presence in the area. Area 3 is a 23-acre parcel on the west side of Clark that was proposed for Medium Urban Density, with lots running between 8,000 and 20,000 square feet. Area 4 is east of Pleasant Valley Road near M-59 which was also proposed for Medium Suburban.

Planning Commissioners also considered potentially changing the designation of 70 acres of commercial property near M-59 and US-23 to a Special Planning Area that would potentially allow some residential in the area. Thursday’s discussion was the first on these amendments with the whole Planning Commission, which will work them out further at a future meeting.