Hartland Township officials have approved a request for the township's last available liquor license made by a local restaurant owner.

Representatives and supporters of Two Guys Sushi, LLC were before the Hartland Township Board of Trustees for a public hearing, this past week, requesting the third and final liquor license available to the township, for their proposed Hatorando Sushi and Bar restaurant. Primary applicant Joe Torrence is a 20-year Hartland resident and said that they've had overwhelming community support for what they believe will be a unique brand of restaurant to the area. Hartland officials discussed it being a sushi bar, with a sports theme. Resident David MacGregor said he liked both the idea of having more independent restaurants in the township, and not having to drive to Brighton to get sushi.

While many in attendance were agreeable with these thoughts, a pair of Hartland officials weren't certain this would be the best use of their last liquor license. Clerk Larry Ciofu said he had nothing against the restaurant and believes it will be a success, but would rather save the last license for a more brick and mortar store. If they were concerned about a business wanting to sell liquor but not having a license available, Township Manager James Wickman said they get one license per 1,500 residents, giving them 3, and that he expects that they will receive a 4th from the state following the 2020 census. Treasurer Kathie Horning wanted to see it used for a business that had to build a building in the area, not confident they would get that 4th license from the census.

Trustee Joe Petrucci was favor of the approval comparing its uniqueness to that of Black Rock, a restaurant that has expanded through the Midwest, but whose beginnings are rooted in Hartland. The Board approved the request 5-2. Two Guys Sushi, LLC still has to receive approval from the state liquor commission before they can receive the Class C license. (MK)