By Mike Kruzman /

Hartland officials are exploring assessment options for a housing development that has been years in the making.

Bob Schroeder of Mayberry Homes was before the Hartland Township Board of Trustees during an Information and Discussion period following their main meeting, Tuesday night. Mayberry is one of 3 developments that are really forwarding the extension of the township’s water main. Their commitment to the extension includes a request for water assessments to their current parcels. Mayberry also has sewer assessments due next fall, totaling $1.9-million dollars.

In a memo to the Board, Township Manager Bob West explains that the liability of adding water assessments while sewer assessments are outstanding is not favorable to the township. Using a formula, the township prefers total assessments to be 40% or less than the true cash value of the properties. Mayberry’s assessments are currently at 112%.

With the sewer assessments coming due in a year, Schroeder made a proposal to the board to help him better afford the project and keep it on track. He offered to pay $614,000 for 100 water REUs in spring, and then split the sewer assessment into 5 yearly payments of roughly $386,000 each. These REUs are at a discount because they provide a public benefit, but future ones would be at their normal value. Supervisor Bill Fountain noted that Mayberry will need another 3-400 down the line.

No formal action was taken, but a smaller committee of the township board will more deeply explore the numbers and options before bringing them back to Schroeder.