By Mike Kruzman /

A gravel mining operation in Hartland Township is seeking re-approval of a permit that will allow the business to continue for the next decade and a half.

Burroughs Materials Company (BMC) has been operating out of 1380 Pleasant Valley Road, south of M-59, for nearly 20 years. Senior Property Development Engineer Richard Zanotti was before the Hartland Township Planning Commission on Thursday, requesting the renewal of their special land use permit. BMC is seeking 15 more years, with an additional one year for clean-up and reclamation. The area being excavated is being turned into a 36-acre lake for the owners of the property that BMC is leasing the property from. A public hearing was held, but there were no members of the public present.

This led Planning Commission Chairman Larry Fox to comment on how if anything would seemingly cause a stir with residents that it would be a gravel operation, yet he’s not heard a word. Planning Director Troy Langer speculated further on it, saying that BMC is not a high volume operation, and that the gravel they get from this site is mixed with gravel from other sites. Langer said if it was high volume, it might be different, but this is more of a slow and methodical dig that has seemed to work out well with the neighboring property owners.

Zanotti said that BMC made improvements to Pleasant Valley Road and has wheel washers for the trucks that has helped with dust control. BMC has also built up berms and landscaping around the perimeter to shield the operation.

The planning Commission unanimously approved a recommendation to renew the special land use permit. It will now go before the full Board of Trustees for final consideration.